Caring for elders under current conditions

Anyone helping a loved one deal with health matters during the current COVID-19 pandemic certainly knows that we are in uncharted territory, at least in recent times. If your loved one is elderly, the situation is even more complicated.

I can relate. Our family moved Mom into a memory care facility in early March, on her 88th birthday. A few days later, the facility stopped inside visits. It is tough for everyone, but especially people who are experiencing cognitive issues.


The isolation for the elderly in these settings is very challenging for them, their families and their loved ones. One thing that is beyond dispute is the fact that our elderly are the very highest risk individuals during this pandemic. Somewhere between 40 percent and 50 percent of all COVID-related deaths in the U.S. have occurred in nursing homes or are somehow connected to people in those types of settings. The news can vary with opinions and statistics. Still, reality and common sense lead us to conclude that we need to be continually diligent regarding how we manage interactions with the elderly and those who have riskier medical conditions. That holds true in senior care facilities of all types.


So how do you cope? How do you help a loved one cope?


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