Congratulations to our February Caregivers of the Month!

Our CareGivers of the Month for February 2020 are Radha, Amy, and Winnie. They show what it takes to be a California CareGiver and make us head and shoulders above others. 

Uinise “Winnie” is one of our AMAZING Caregivers that has earned the Caregiver of the Month award for “Attentiveness”.  Winnie is always on time & ready to work with her clients. She makes sure on her shift ALL of the client’s needs are met and they are left with a smile! Winnie comes from the Island of Tonga in the South Pacific & has been working as a caregiver for almost 30 YEARS saying being a caregiver reminds her of her loving parents.  In her spare time she enjoys knitting or crocheting. Hawaii is her top choice of vacation spots.  Congratulations Winnie!
Congratulations to our caregiver Radha for winning the Caregiver of the Month award for “Compassion”.  Her clients are always well taken care of and updates the office on all needs they may have. Radha is from the Fiji Islands where she got married and had a daughter and then moved to New Zealand where she then had a son.  Radha has a passion for traveling & has been to some amazing places…India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the list goes on! Radha is one of 8 and says she was always the one taking care of her siblings growing up so this was a gift she was given and loves to share it.



Amy has won Caregiver of the Month award for “Dependability”.  When we are in need of a caregiver if Amy is called and available she always heads out to help out our clients. Amy was born & raised in Sacramento. She enjoys spending time with her little girl “Ava” taking her out to play. Amy says that she enjoys being a caregiver because ” Being able to put a smile on someone’s face makes her heart feel good & she loves meeting new people .  Congratulations Amy