How Coronavirus Has Changed Retirement

O.K. it’s late June here in the Northeast U.S. and we older folks have been sequestered since February when the coronavirus stuff hit the fan.


It’s really impacted peoples’ retirements in ways they never thought of before. What will now become of the ‘golden years’? Here are a few of our thoughts…


The Unknown Unknowns

The biggest concern is that we live in a country that prizes its liberties. ‘Hell no, we won’t wear a mask’. But there’s a massive tradeoff in exercising those liberties and public safety to contain a deadly virus.


On the opposite spectrum, China with far less liberty was able to lock down the entire country and contain the virus. This is also extreme, the solution lies somewhere in the middle. 


Those U.S. states who faced the brutal reality and shut everything down in a hurry are faring a lot better than those states who were willing to allow business as usual (and let the body count rise).


It seems everyone believes we’ll have an effective vaccine within a year. Do we have our ‘happy ears’ on? In the past it’s taken multiple years, HIV been around since the early eighties and there’s still no vaccine. Hopefully it could be possible that advanced biotech and relaxing some regulations could allow us to fast track an early cure and/or vaccine. It remains to be seen.


As Winston Churchill would advise, we all have to stay positive and "keep buggering on". 


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