Our CareGivers of the Month for July


Our July CareGivers of the Month are Setaita, Kara, and Gloria. These three amazing caregivers show what it takes to be a California CareGiver.


“Setaita” literally means “Gift of God” and we truly believe it. In senior care, ability is important, but being attentive is critical. Setaita’s caring and attentiveness is off the charts and means the world to our clients.

She grew up in Fiji looking after her family which ended up being good training for being a California CareGiver. She has the passion and strength to excel and her actions show what she’s capable of.

Setaita loves to bake and cook. She gets lots of compliments on her delicious homemade chocolate cake. Her other love is gardening flowers and veggies. The next time you see her, ask what she’s got growing in the garden, or when her next chocolate cake will be ready.


Look up the name “Kara” and you’ll find it means many things depending on where you’re from. They range from pure and precious, to cherished and loved one”. We think she embodies all of those, but our clients see a special side of her that’s not on the list but should be. She’s extremely attentive. That’s one reason they love her.

The caregiving profession wasn’t her first choice, but after doing it for a while, she realized caring for others is something that comes naturally and she genuinely loves to do it.

Kara is an amazing mom. When she’s not working, she’s raising her six amazing kids or is doing her other hobby which is anything BEYONCE.


The name Gloria only has one meaning: it’s Latin for glory or glorious and means beauty. Our Gloria lives up to her name in body and spirit. She’s gloriously compassionate and loves to help others. If you ask her, she’ll tell you she does it because it makes her a better person, It gives her purpose, and fills her heart. We think she does it because she really cares about people.

Gloria is a fan of the San Francisco Giants, loves watching classic black & white movies, and reading a good book. Currently, she’s writing a self-help motivational getting-to-know-yourself book. Any way you look at it, Gloria’s an inspiration to all.