Senior Care Workers Find Rewards Amid the Pandemic Challenges

Even before the first COVID-19 case was reported in Loudoun County in early March, administrators and the staffs of the many local senior care centers were gearing up for a serious health threat. In the months that followed they faced fast-changing, previously unimaginable challenges, periods of sadness and fear, and displays of amazing creativity and heroism.

During National Assisted Living Week, a time when senior communities around the country are encouraged to celebrate the individuals they serve and inform the public about this distinctive aspect of long-term care, invited industry leaders to share their reflections on this unprecedented time.


Much of the year has been spent with everyone learning about a new virus and how it spreads, keeping up with the frequent changes in information about how to keep people protected, and getting everyone to adopt new behaviors that would curb the spread and—most importantly—keep it out of communities with fragile residents.


For many families, those harsh restrictions on in-person visitations were hardships.


“Our residents and families have been apart for many months trying to cope with this pandemic,” said Jill Adams, the director of nursing at the Inova Loudoun Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. “This has been extremely hard on both sides and understanding the importance and reasons, we must take these steps in order to keep their loved ones safe.”


“The families have been extremely understanding in these uncertain times with a pandemic that puts our population at the most risk. We cannot express our true gratitude enough to our families for their patience that has been given as we follow guidelines given to us by the state of Virginia,” Adams said. 


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