Senior Feeding Program Observed

When she saw a photo of a brown box with an egg and half a bagel that was allegedly delivered to a senior in South Sacramento, Shonna McDaniels was not going to sit idly by.

The community activist and well-known visual artist posted a photo of the so-called meal on Facebook for all to see. The photo was spread quickly in the community as a poor representation of the City’s "Great Plates Delivered" senior feeding program.


More disturbing photos of meager meals — not authenticated by The OBSERVER — surfaced on social media platforms from other seniors who say they get deliveries.


The deal for the seniors of Sacramento stems from the state’s "Meals for the Moment, Restaurants Serving Seniors," program. The city of Sacramento is one of the participants.


This program provides meals to Californians that are age of 65 and over or individuals who have been exposed to or contracted COVID-19, but do not need hospitalization, or are high-risk with underlying health conditions.
Sacramento’s version of the program, "Great Plates Delivered," contains 140-plus restaurants for more than 3,500 seniors in the city…


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