Seniors Take Advantage Of Their Special Grocery Store Shopping Hours

“SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Certain stores are setting aside time to serve some of the most vulnerable people in our region: those over 65.  “I made it a point to come early,” said Pam Orner, a senior. Orner stepped out Thursday morning to get what she needed from the Safeway near her midtown home. “We gotta be protected. I debated this morning ‘do I shop online and have them deliver?’ I was weighing precautions one way or the other,” she said.

Orner is taking extra steps to protect against the coronavirus. That includes carrying a pocket-size container of hand sanitizer and avoiding touching anything and everything she comes in contact with. “I was able to keep my distance it was a pretty light crowd,” she said. She is one of the many seniors taking advantage of Safeway’s new policy devoting the first two hours of business Tuesdays and Thursdays to serving those 65 and up. “It’s great, it’s great. Especially for my mom. I don’t want to see her get sick. She helps a lot of people,” said Richard Cooley….” 

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