Social isolation, loneliness for seniors cause concern amid a pandemic

"SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Social isolation and loneliness among older adults were a serious concern before the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the health risks of loneliness from being sheltered in place have created an even greater public health crisis.

Our health expert, Karen Owoc, talks with KRON4 about how people are finding ways to connect.

Shelter-in-Place Created Even More Social Separation

The coronavirus outbreak forced the very programs that provided social connections and stimulations for seniors, such as lectures, classes, lunches, and exercise programs.

The senior social outlets, e.g., senior centers, day programs, theaters, parks, gyms, and restaurants closed their doors. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities no longer allow family members to visit.

Seniors that may NOT have been lonely or isolated prior to the coronavirus pandemic are experiencing it now…."

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