Value those who take care of the elderly

Do you realize that what caregivers for the elderly do is so important in so many ways? It’s not just the daily living skills, bathing assistance, and household help they provide.

It’s that daily smile, laughs, conversation, companionship, caring or recreational activity. The stuff that feeds one’s soul. Makes them feel alive. A reason to smile. Caregivers are the stars in the sky. Breaths of fresh air. High points of the day. Our senior’s well-being depends on them! 


And how much is that worth???


Their job is not easy. It requires a lot of skill and knowledge to understand seniors, to have the required patience, to recognize their individual cognitive skill levels to meet their needs accordingly. And to tolerate the abuse that inherently comes with the decline in mental processes of perception, memory, judgement, and reasoning. To remain calm when they want to scream. They care for people and then find a way to care a little more. 


Your seniors need these people – and so do you. More than you realize. Treat them accordingly. Value them. Honor them. Reward them. Respect them. They are to be cherished.


My dear mother-in-law resides at The Gardens of Scottsdale. I appreciate each and every caregiver there. And the maintenance man. He takes care of every single need in their mind. Things we think are unimportant are like an IRS audit to seniors… Stressful until it’s taken care of. Even if it means several visits a day. I wish I could give each of them a million dollars. That’s how much they are worth. Especially now.   -Denise Heinrich  "



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