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Our Amazing Caregivers

We LOVE our caregivers! At California CareGivers, we see that our caregivers are the core reason for our success! To honor them, we have decided to recognize selected caregivers for their outstanding achievements.

California CareGivers understands that every successful caregiver possesses 3 core traits:

Compassion | Attentiveness | Dependability



CareGivers of the Month – April 2020

Our CareGivers of the Month for April 2020 are Marilyn, Maureen, and Lourdes. They show what it takes to be a California CareGiver and make us head and shoulders above others.


Congratulations to Marilyn for being selected as our Caregiver of the Month for “COMPASSION”. Marilyn has been providing excellence in client care with California CareGivers since 2019. Marilyn has always been extremely caring and compassionate with all of the clients she works with. Marilyn enjoys the church and feels that caregiving is one of the best ways for her to show people how much she cares! In her spare time, Marilyn loves to paint watercolor and even creates her own artwork decorating mannequins with vintage jewelry. They are showcased at The Sparrow in Old Downtown Roseville. Her favorite food she says is ANYTHING Italian. Thank you for being “YOU” Marilyn and allowing us to showcase you as Caregiver of the Month of April for Compassion.


California CareGivers is happy to announce Maureen as our Caregiver of the Month of April for “Dependability”. Maureen provides fantastic care to her client. There is never a doubt that when scheduled we can count on Maureen to give 100%. When asked why she is a caregiver Maureen said, “I believe I am caring, kind, patient, and compassionate”. When able to travel her favorite place has been to Israel on a Tour with her Pastor from Church. She enjoys eating healthy so Lots of greens and a good helping of fruits and also chicken. Maureen also LOVES being able to spend time with her family and especially her 2 granddaughters! Congratulation and thank you Maureen for showing us what Dependability truly is!


Lourdes has shined through every possible situation and shown that no matter what we can count on her. That is why we are happy to congratulate Lourdes for winning Caregiver of the Month of April for “Attentiveness”. Lourdes is genuinely a kind and attentive person so this only shows throughout her work with our clients. Lourdes says that “Being a Caregiver gives her great pleasure being able to assist those in need. She believes the kindness she puts out in the world always finds its way of coming back and blessing her with more than she gives”. Her motto is…We have two hands…one to help ourselves and the other for helping others. Her favorite place to travel is her birthplace, the Philippines, and when wanting something delicious to eat her favorite food is prime rib with all the trimmings! In her spare time, Lourdes enjoys singing karaoke and has even purchased her own machine so she can bring it to family parties! Thank you, Lourdes, for being part of the California CareGivers family!

CareGivers of the Month – March 2020

Our CareGivers of the Month for March 2020 are Solomone “Tui”, Sandra, and Betty. They show what it takes to be a California CareGiver and make us head and shoulders above others.

Solomone "Tui"

Solomone “Tui” is one of our AMAZING Caregivers earning the Caregiver of the Month award for “Dependability”. Here at the office we never doubt that Tui will be at his clients' shifts and giving 100%. When asked why he enjoys being a caregiver his answer is simple, “I enjoy getting to know people and helping them.” When Tui has some time off he enjoys swimming, hiking or just relaxing on a beautiful beach. Tui we congratulate you on Caregiver of the Month and hope you are able to enjoy some relaxing time on the beach soon!


Congratulations to our caregiver Sandra for winning the Caregiver of the Month award for “Attentiveness”. Sandra is always at her clients on time and ready to work. She always makes us aware of things that are happening throughout her day and that her clients' needs are met before she leaves her shift. One of Sandra’s favorite places to travel is beautiful Lake Tahoe. She enjoys entertaining family, swimming, and relaxing watching movies. Sandra says that “Being able to assist someone in need and to know that she has helped them in making them feel better is a priceless feeling to her”. This ladies and gentlemen is the main reason why she has been chosen for Caregiver of the Month for Attentiveness! Congratulations Sandra!


Betty has won Caregiver of the Month award for “Compassion”. There is never a doubt that when Betty starts a client you will soon hear from that client on what a WONDERFUL and COMPASSIONATE person she is. Betty makes sure she gives her ALL to her clients. She states that “She has much love and respect for the elderly as that is how she was raised and she feels it is a privilege to be able to give service to others as that is what she loves to do”. In Betty’s spare time she loves to listen to music, dance, or watch a good movie. Betty, we Congratulate you and Thank You for all of your Compassion you show our clients!

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