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Ready for the Super Bowl?! We found some senior-friendly games & activities to help you have fun on the big day!

  1. Super Bowl Bingo: Create bingo cards with football-related terms and events for seniors to mark off during the game.
  2. Football Trivia: Test seniors’ sports knowledge with a fun football trivia competition.
  3. Jersey Number Matching: Create cards with football players’ names and jersey numbers for a matching game.
  4. Touchdown Toss: Set up a mini-football toss game where seniors can aim for targets and score touchdowns.
  5. Team Spirit Hat Making: Provide materials for seniors to create their own team spirit hats with colors, logos, and slogans.
  6. Super Bowl Commercial Bingo: Create bingo cards with common commercial themes for seniors to mark during breaks.
  7. Half-Time Karaoke: Arrange a karaoke session during the half-time show for seniors to sing along to their favorite tunes.
  8. Football-themed Crafts: Set up a crafting station with football-themed projects like pennants, foam finger decorations, or team banners.
  9. Memory Lane Slideshow: Create a slideshow of memorable Super Bowl moments for seniors to reminisce about past games and players.
  10. Super Bowl Snack Tasting: Have a variety of Super Bowl snacks for seniors to taste and vote for the best ones.
  11. Team Colors Fashion Show: Encourage seniors to dress in the colors of their favorite team and host a mini fashion show during the game.
  12. Guess the Score: Have seniors predict the final score of the game and award a small prize to the closest guess.
  13. Football-themed Puzzles: Provide football-themed puzzles for seniors to solve, either individually or as a group.
  14. Football Charades: Create a list of football-related actions or terms for charades for a lively and entertaining game.
  15. Super Bowl Memory Game: Make a memory game with pairs of football-related images for seniors to match.
  16. Goal Post Ring Toss: Set up a ring toss game with goal posts for seniors to aim and score points.
  17. Super Bowl Trivia Pursuit: Develop a Super Bowl-themed trivia pursuit game with various categories for seniors to enjoy.
  18. Football Word Search: Create word search puzzles with football-related words for a relaxing yet engaging activity.
  19. Helmet Decorating Station: Provide helmets for seniors to decorate with team colors and logos.
  20. Football Mad Libs: Have some fun with football-themed Mad Libs to spark laughter and creativity.
  21. Tailgate Party Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth with props and backdrops for seniors to capture memories.
  22. Super Bowl Jigsaw Puzzle Race: Divide seniors into teams and see who can complete a Super Bowl-themed jigsaw puzzle first.
  23. Bean Bag Toss: Arrange a bean bag toss game with football-shaped targets for a friendly competition.
  24. Super Bowl Memory Lane Quiz: Create a quiz about past Super Bowl halftime shows, commercials, and iconic moments.
  25. Football-themed Crossword Puzzle: Develop crossword puzzles with football-related clues for seniors to solve individually or collaboratively.

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