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Technology is changing the way we live, especially for older adults who face various challenges in their daily lives.

From social isolation to mobility issues, seniors need solutions that can help them stay healthy, safe and connected.

Here are five products that use artificial intelligence, robotics and sensors to improve the quality of life for older adults.

1. A companion robot for seniors

Ryan is an AI-enabled socially assistive robot by DreamFace Technologies designed to engage in personalized conversations, improving cognitive function and emotional well-being for older adults.

With speech recognition and facial expression recognition, Ryan understands and responds like a close friend.

Ryan also offers tailored Yoga sessions and 15 cognitive and physical games and can set reminders, making him an ideal companion for healthy aging. With safety features in place, Ryan ensures a secure and enjoyable experience for seniors living alone or in care facilities.

Ryan can help improve memory and cognition while helping ease the workload of caregivers.

2. AI smart lamp keeps an eye on seniors

Nobi Smart Lamps are more than just lights. They are smart assistants that can help seniors live safer and happier at home. Nobi uses artificial intelligence to detect falls, alert caregivers and prevent accidents.

If a person falls, Nobi asks them to confirm it and then alerts a trusted contact via an app. The contact can talk to the person through Nobi and unlock the door remotely if needed.

Nobi also helps prevent falls by turning on automatically when an older person gets up at night, for instance, to go to the toilet, take their pills or drink some water. Since most falls occur at night, Nobi offers a proactive and preventative solution. Nobi also respects privacy and lets users choose how much they want to share.

3. Vital signs monitoring 24/7

The XK300 sensor is a product that uses radar technology to monitor your vital signs from a distance. It is a convenient and comfortable way to keep track of your health without wearing any devices or wires.

The sensor is mounted on the wall or ceiling and can sense your heart rate, respiratory rate, motion and presence through blankets, clothing, furniture and even drywall.

It is approved by the FDA for use in various settings, such as hospitals, long-term care facilities and your own home. The sensor is very accurate and reliable, and it does not use any cameras or microphones.

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