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Balancing yourself can become a problem, especially when you enter the senior phase. So, try out some balance exercises for seniors, and have less number of falling down episodes.

Balance is something that you don’t think about in your younger days. Your focus is just on walking or moving forward. But as you grow older, sometimes balancing yourself becomes hard. You tend to lose balance and fall down. Falling at an old age generally means a trip to the hospital. Sometimes, it also means undergoing an expensive surgery due to broken bones after a fall! So, it’s better to work on your balance by doing exercises. Check out these balance exercises for seniors that help to keep you fit and less prone to falls.

HealthShots connected with fitness expert Varun Rattan, who says that maintaining balance is an essential skill for everyday living. This involves making use of vision, vestibular sense, proprioception, muscle strength, and response speed. Unfortunately, as we age, these systems start to deteriorate and can lead to balance issues.

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