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November is the month where we take time to recognize and give praise and support to the 78 million people who dedicate their time, often unpaid, caring for a family member in need.

Particularly as we approach the festive season when focus is placed on family and quality time, it is important that we show our appreciation for those who work tirelessly to provide care; whether it be financial, medical, domestic or emotional support. We must never underestimate the strength that caregivers have for providing this support to those people who need it the most, nor the toll that it can take both emotionally and physically upon them.

The devotion and love that these people show to their loved ones therefore quite rightly ought to be celebrated. A Presidential Proclamation declaring November as National Family Caregivers Month provides much recognition for these devoted family members and acts as a backdrop for many national and local organizations to structure events, raise funds, provide support networks and most of all celebrate these wonderful people.

Every year a theme is chosen to focus awareness raising and information dissemination.

Perhaps you know someone or are yourself who cares for a family member and would benefit from engaging with the activity taking place throughout November.

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