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There is a breadth of knowledge currently available about nutrition and health, but we can all agree on one very fundamental truth: what you put in your body matters. After pouring through a variety of studies and articles and opinions, that much is clear. Food is medicine, and as with any medicine, it can power your body to do incredible things.

For example, food can even help you live to be 100 years old. As of 2021, over 70,000 Americans have celebrated their 100th birthday—and it turns out, what they eat matters more than almost anything else. The Blue Zone project has done research on just how centenarians do it, focusing on five “blue zone” communities where people have the most incredible longevity in the world.

From the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica to Okinawa, Japan, the people in these communities all share a variety of behaviors that increase their lifespan. Community, mindset, and movement are important. But there is no match for the power of the food they nourish themselves with. We dug in deep and rounded up the top five eating habits that centenarians share.

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