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When, where and how will you get your COVID-19 vaccine shot? That’s the biggest and most confusing question in the Sacramento region and California.

The state’s massive inoculation program is still only ramping up, a month after it started, with limited doses of the vaccine arriving on a weekly basis. There are currently not nearly enough doses to launch robust inoculations.

Meanwhile, the state is making 11th-hour changes in the priority list, which is sowing confusion. But those changes are aimed at streamlining and speeding the process in the coming weeks.

For now, health care providers are still scrambling to get injection sites and teams set up. Some are moving faster than others.

Here is the latest from state and local health officials:

Who’s Getting the Vaccine Right Now?

Front-line health care workers got first priority, starting in mid-December. Those shots are still ongoing, mainly at local hospitals, likely through the end of this month.

Shots are also being given to residents and staff of skilled nursing homes, which typically house people in their 80s and older. Some people in assisted living facilities and general senior housing have gotten shots too. Typically, those shots are being given at nursing facilities by injection teams from CVS and Walgreens.

In Sacramento and Yolo counties last week, shots expanded to include firefighters and paramedics. Those shots are being given in fire stations or at county health clinics, and will be ongoing for the next month.

Some health care systems, such as UC Davis Health, are now beginning to give shots to some of their member patients who are age 75 and up at in-house clinics they have set. Those shots are invitation and appointment only.

But Newsom Announced Anyone 65 an Older Can Get Shots, Right?

Yes, in theory. But it’s complicated. Gov. Gavin Newsom moved that group up to a higher priority tier (Phase 1B, Tier 1), which makes them eligible for shots as soon as their health care provider has enough doses to give the shots at clinics or authorize the shots at a pharmacy.

That 65-plus announcement came as a surprise to local health officials, hospitals, health care companies and clinics. Health care officials complained that what they really need is more vaccine doses in the weekly shipments, and more staffing to get their operations up and running.

On the ground, that means it could be several weeks before Sacramento County has enough vaccines and finalized logistics to actually allow those 65 and older to sign up for appointments.

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